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A holistic postnatal vitamin & botanical supplement curated for the minds & bodies of new mothers.

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Try it! I admit I was skeptical it could do all that it says. I started taking this about 10 weeks postpartum. I was honestly very cranky and for no reason... I was getting on my own nerves. This has helped me feel like me again! No more unnecessarily crankiness! I’m a believer and have recommended it to other mommas or soon to be.


I'm in LOVE with your product! I went into preterm labor and had my second daughter at 32 weeks. Luckily I ordered your product weeks in advance and already had it in my hospital bag. Being so premature my daughter was in the NICU for almost two months. I used your product day one postpartum and it was truly a lifesaver. My milk came right in(this was not the case with my first daughter), all the nurses joked that I was producing enough to feed all the babies on the floor. Having a NICU baby on top of COVID challenges is very stressful and being stuck at the hospital for two months definitely impacted my postpartum experience. I truly believe this product helped overcome the stress of it all. It tastes amazing and the mama water bottle is so cute I got so many compliments on it. Love love love this product will be ordering more!


I feel amazing! I started taking New Mama vitamins right after my daughter was born one month ago and I feel amazing! I feel upbeat, energized, and ready to take on the day! My anxiety has improved significantly. I’m recommending this product to all my mama friends!


I have never felt better and have endless energy now. I was even able to start working out after just 3 weeks! New Mama has helped me sleep sound and comfortably. With the new found sleep and energy, I feel so accomplished during the day. I also feel that New Mama has helped a ton with my increased lactation. I have definitely recommended New Mama to all of my pregnant/new mom friends and will continue to use!


I’m so happy to have found this product! I’ve only been taking it for a week, and I’m already noticing a difference. Overall I feel like a whole new woman! I look forward to my New Mama drink everyday. I love the taste, and how easy it is to get so many supplements in just one drink. I am telling all my new mom friends about this product, and I would recommend it to anyone who is postpartum!


I love waking up to my New Mama. With my first child I was often moody and experienced a great deal of headaches in the mornings. I attributed all that to the lack of sleep and hormones changing. Now with my second baby, I drink my New Mama every morning and feel so much better. I'm seriously hooked on this product - and highly recommend new moms to give it a try!


I really love the convenience of the packets for taking with me to work and when traveling. I can feel a noticeable, positive difference in my overall well-being and energy after drinking my New Mama and I really love that it includes ingredients that support milk production, especially as a mother who pumping at work. Really love this product and would definitely recommend!


I forget to take my supplements all the time. Having New Mama packets stashed in my purse, kitchen, car & office makes it almost impossible to forget and I feel so much better every day because of it! .


Using New Mama made a noticeable difference in my milk supply! Between helping me be better about staying hydrated and getting herbs that support milk production, I feel so much less stress around breastfeeding now.


I felt so energized all day after drinking New Mama in the morning! It felt like a huge change from just taking my vitamins.



Make self-care as easy as drinking water - because as a new parent, adding anything more to our lives would feel like running a marathon. 


Ingredients hand-selected for optimal absorption and effectiveness - so you don't have to think twice about what you’re putting into your body. 


Tackle the most nagging symptoms you face in your reality of parenthood with research-backed products formulated by parents & Registered Dietitians. 

Easy Self Care & Quality Ingredients

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